Saturday, January 29, 2011


dress and tights-H&M, Shoes- Last Chance, Hair barrette- Vintage

Today, I wanted to introduce someone very special. This is Lauren. Lauren is super foxy. One thing Lauren loves to do is accessorize. She is the only 18 month old I know that loves wearing necklaces and  hats. She has an adorable high pitched laugh, a beautiful smile and a super cute pudgy belly. Since Lauren has a limited vocabulary, I had to follow her around the house to find out her likes and dislikes. 

So here they are:

1. Bananas
2. Dora the Explorer
3. The above stuffed rabbit
4. Pacifiers
5. Swings
6. String
7. Apple Juice
8. Ring around the rosy
9. Dancing
10. Talking on her imaginary cell phone

1. Broccoli
2. Bedtime
3. Sitting still
4. Loud sounds
5. Getting her diaper changed
6. Getting out of the bathtub
7. Distracting her while she watches Dora
8. Asking for too many kisses
9. Sleeping without her blanky
10. Being away from her mommy and daddy


Jake, Camille, Kennedy & Jacob said...

Oh my gosh I have not seen her in FOREVER! She has grown up soooooooo much! I miss her! Thanks for posting pictures! She is going to be super foxy just like her momma!

Erna said...

Like mother like daughter... This is my favorite foxy feature yet. :)

Sean and Lori said...

She is SUPER cute!!!

Sabby V said...

What a doll!

I am sure she has a great wardrobe too!

Francesca said...

hahah awwww so kyuuuute!

F. ( x

Veronica Lauritsen (23) said...

super cute:)

Ramsey said...

How cute! I just love that little dress!

little rambling rose said...

aw bless her shes so adorable :) X

Nikolett said...

Ahh this is so adorable! I have not met one child who doesn't love their imaginary cell phones haha. So cute! Hope you've had a great weekend :)

Debra said...

She's quite a foxy little girl. You better watch out for her. Love the way she helps with the cleaning. I'm glad she wore her grubbies for that.

maria said...

so incredibly adorable, by the way your are gorgeous, love your blog!!

Running On Happiness said...

Lauren is adorable!! Cute post!

popdisorder said...

she is one of the most beautiful kids I've ever seen:)