Monday, January 31, 2011


Dress-H&M, Tights-Target, Necklace-Kohls, Hat-Target, Fur-H&M, Earrings-F21, Shoes-Steve Madden

Last night, Andy, Lauren and I had an amazing dinner with my good friend Michelle and her husband. We had cabbage, chicken stir fry and a salad with Craisins, Gorgonzola cheese, almond shavings and poppy seed dressing...super delish. Oh, and a wonderful dish of cake and ice cream for desert. After dinner we searched for a movie on Netflix.  Their "Watch Instantly" section is pretty strange.  We kept saying, seen that, never heard of that, looks stupid, seen that, only got 2 stars and so on.  With their oddball compilation of movies and four people that have seen a ton of them, it was pretty tough. So, we finally landed on Dude, Where's My Car because two of us hadn't seen it.  We lasted about 10 minutes before the other two remembered how dumb it is.  Did I get smarter or did the movie get dumber?

So, we only have 5 more outfit dissections left and, I have to say, I have discovered a lot about my style along the way. One thing I learned was that I don't accessorize enough so now I'm experimenting a lot. Today, I added a few accessories, hope you like.

Happy Monday!


Amy said...

Hello! Thanks for following my blog!

I love your site. Your finds at H&M are amazing! This is the perfect green dress to kick start the week.


Lauren said...

Oh my, your blog is lovely! You are absolutely beautiful! You have quite a sense of style; your outfits are to die for. I particularly love the fuchsia frills, but everything I've seen so far is stunning.
Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm your newest follower. :)

Caton Ann said...

Love it, you are too cute!

Debra said...

I disagree. You accessorize just fine. If you do anymore.. it would be too much. Love your style just as it is.

Running On Happiness said...

Love this outfit! Everything about it is amazing! The color, the hat, the cheetah patterned shoes! You are so stylin! If you want to add more accessories to your wardrobe, check out my latest giveaway!

XO, Katie

Gaby said...

Ooh, I like your blog too! This outfit looks great. Accessories can make all the difference.

Mary said...

Hello! Thanks for following my blog!

El blog mery of the style
I have liked your blog, and already I am folow yours,

Savannah said...

Love those shoes with the green dress! You are too beautiful, thanks so much for the sweet comment. <3

Nikki said...

I love that green dress! I saw it at h&m yesterday and I wanted to buy it but my size was out =( So I spend my money on two new pairs of earrings and a new bag ^^