Monday, January 17, 2011


Left Photo: Ring-YSL, Dress and Top-H&M, Shoes-Zara, Sunnies, Hat and Belt- Friis and Company.
Right Photo: Leopard pants and headband-H&M, Shoes and sweater-Zara
Left Photo: Top and Vest-Zara, Pants-H&M, Shoes-Blanco, Necklace- Friis and Company, Bag-Chanel
Right Photo: Shirt, Sweater and Pants-H&M, Boots-Zara, Furry Hat-Vintage, Bag-Balenciaga

Today, in addition to the Outfit Dissection post, Living Foxy is featuring a very hip blog called Fashionvibe. It's replete with fashion-forward outfits compiled by Fashionvibe's creator, Zina. Along with up and coming fashion trends, she also lets us in on her adventures as a European model. Zina has modeled for H&M and (fortunately for us!!!) has taken photos of their Spring/Summer 2011 collection! Check them out here.  Let me know what you think of the collection and the blog. 


Alisa said...

Well, I just passed out for a few minutes after I looked at the H&M collection. To die for. I love the feature as well. Zina dresses the way I dress myself in my dreams. Her outfits inspire me to break all my fashion dos and don'ts. Thanks for posting!

MagicSprinkles said...

I wish I had her shoe collection!!!! And I love the variety of her outfits!