Monday, January 10, 2011


Dress-H&M, Faux Fur-H&M, Necklace-Kohls, Earrings-Hollywood Regency, Tights-Target, Shoes-Kenneth Cole, Bangle Bracelets-Thrifted

Happy Monday everyone! I love Mondays because it's my fresh start day. I have a whole week to make my work count for something. 

So, today is day 6 and I'm wearing one of my favorite pairs of tights and I paired them with my comfortable Kenneth Cole shoes, these shoes have lasted for a good 8 years now. They are the oldest pair in my closet but I haven't kicked them to the curb for a reason; they still look fabulous.
The faux fur makes the outfit. You always need a a good focal point or as they call it in fashion, a statement piece, so the fur is my statement piece. When adding a statement piece try to use a different texture. With the above dress I could've used something knitted or wool and it would have looked just as good.
Then comes the jewelry, since the faux fur was so big, I paired it with a single necklace, but you can use a few with this dress.  Then, the earrings I used are vintage circular balls. I used vintage becuase the tights I wore seem vintage.
Now, are you asking yourself where you would wear this outfit? I think this outfit would be perfect for a holiday party, work (depending on the kind of work you do) or maybe a night out with the hubby.  Sometimes a girl needs to get dressed up for the night.
Tune in tomorrow for another Outfit Dissection!


Adrienne said...

Love the outfit. Pictures look amazing!

Jennifer Babbitt said...

I really like this outfit!!!!

Debra said...

So pretty! I simply don't quite understand how you know what to do. But when you do it... it works!