Thursday, January 6, 2011


Dress-Calvin Klein, Scarf- H&M, Hat- My Husbands, Shoes- Steve Madden, Earrings-Ross

I decided to have a little fun with today's challenge. I found an old Australian Vogue magazine in my drawer and was inspired by a safari spread. I have a bag of old clothes in the garage that had this Khaki dress in it and luckily right next to it was a box of Andy's old hats. This particular hat must have been a giveaway from APS because it has their logo on one side. Flip it around and walla, I'm ready for my safari.


Debra said...

Well, you did it again. The outfit looks absolutely amazing! But, as I've looked at some of the pieces you use, it looks like you spend a small fortune. How do you do it?

Liz said...

Audrey this is fun idea that you are doing daily. Thanks for the inspiration!! You look great.