Monday, January 3, 2011


Jacket- H&M    Sweater- Express    Scarf H&M    Leggings- Nordstrom    Earrings- F21    Shoes-Dillards    Watch-Nordstrom

Let's start this year off right - with 25 days of outfit dissections.  Here's the deal.  I'm going to post my outfit each day with specifics about where I got the different pieces.  All you have to do to keep up your end of the deal is just come check it out every day.  Use the comments section if you have any questions or opinions.

Finding 25 complete outfits may be a bit of a challenge but, don't worry, I love a good challenge.

I hope all of you had a wonderful New Year's celebration. I know I did and I even have a funny story. So, New Year's eve we went to Christopher's which is a little French resturaunt at the Biltmore in Phoenix. I was decked out in my cream dress, fur and jewels seen in my last post. We are seated immediately, the waiter brings us some water and bread and we start chatting when, naturally, I have to go to the bathroom. I can't even drink a full glass of water without having to go to the bathroom but, somehow, I can drink 2 Dr. Peppers before having to go...go figure.  Anyways, I go to the restroom and instead of bathroom stalls they have 2 very cool individual bathrooms for the women. I go conduct my business and then come out to wash my hands and notice the sink is one gigantic trough with a large mirror hanging down separating one side from the other. The water streams out below the mirror into the trough which is lined with little pebbles. It's actually quite beautiful.  So, I put my hands under the mirror and feel the nice warm water on my hands.  I want to linger a little because my hands had been so cold and the warm water felt so good, when all of the sudden, I feel a mans hands touch mine and I jerked my hands back! Turns out, the other side of the trough is the men's side.  Okay, I thought some guy is messing with me or wait, is this a sign like the footsie action Senator Larry Craig experienced in the airport? I wanted to leave and peek around the corner to see who it was but I hadn't even put soap on my hands.  Plus, my hands were starting to get cold again. I decided to try it again. I put some soap on my hands and moved further down,  I relaxed again while I felt the warm water trickle on my hands and day dreamed for a moment that a beautiful French man, like the guy Diane Lane hooked up with in Unfaithful was standing on the other side of the mirror.  I finish and walk away excited to see the man on the other side of the mirror and I see a skinny, kind of nerdy looking man with glasses look over and then jerk his head back to the mirror. Figures.


Sean and Lori said...

ha ha ha love the story better luck next time!

Debra said...

So far... love the outfit. You look great!