Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Shirt and Shoes-F21, Bag-H&M, Pants-BCBG, Watch-Michael Kors

Good morning! I hope those of you living in the Midwest and back east are staying warm. Not to rub it in your face but the high today in Phoenix is going to be 50 degrees. That's actually 20 degrees colder than it was just a few days ago but it beats a couple of feet of snow.

So yesterday I promised another Valentine's Day story so here it is. Two years ago and 3 days before Valentine's Day, Andy and I were sitting on the couch talking. He asks if I think that he would need to make a restaurant  reservation for Valentine's Day.
My reply: You haven't made a reservation yet?
Andy: Uh, no. So you're saying I should make one?
Me (frustrated): If you haven't made one yet, there's no way you'll find anything good.
Andy: Yes I will. Don't worry.
A few hours pass.
Andy: I told you not to worry.  I've got a 6:00 reservation at a very cool restaurant.
Me: Wow, I'm impressed!
And I was impressed...until Valentine's Day arrives, we head to Old Town Scottsdale and we pull up to a tiki bar. Can I reiterate something?  It...was...a...BAR!!!  We walk in and the only people in there are the employees getting ready for the night. It was sooo embarrassing.  When he told one of the employees about the reservation I almost died!  We sat down and I stomached one of the worst Hawaiian meals I've ever had.

Make sure your husband and/or boyfriend knows that you need to make reservations AT LEAST a few weeks in advance. You'd think they would know that but...


LK said...

Oh no! Silly boys.

I am really jealous of your weather. It's 10 degrees and snowing where I am! Ick!

Julia said...

haha, cute story :D Hope this year's Valentine Day will be one of your favorite days ever!
You are really creative! You have your personal blog style and I love it! aww...nice smile :) it looks so alive, and it's so cool, like your perfect outfit! ;)
following you! <3

The Suburb Experiment said...

My college boyfriend turned to me the day of and asked what I wanted to do that night. I stared at him open-mouthed thinking he was kidding. We ended up at Jack-in-the-Box.

So pretty similar to your bad Valentine's day.

Luckily my husband is not only older and wiser but a very good planner!

mikala said...

you look great! and I must say that.. you have beautiful eyes! awesome pants color and shoes!

greetings from

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

hahaha, I have to say your husband has given you such sweet Vday memories :) and something to blog about. you should thank him :)

Ilse said...

love the colour of the pants, suits you well :)

Fashion Nicotine said...

You look really sparkly!!

WILDasaMINK said...

bahahaahah love the story! Sorry that's how it turned out. I'm certain my Vday will not even be that BF means lots of uncertainty about what to relationships are so awkward around Vday, no?
On a different note, you look absolutely adorably chipper! I like the happy outfit, it brightens the cold cold day here in the Northeast!

Sabrina O. said...

Love your pants darling!

Isabel said...

love the stripes! you look so cute :)

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

la petite coquine said...

This outfit is as adorable as your blog-delighted to meet you both!

xo, Lena

if-I-were-Audrey said...

i love your outfit, simple but nice, and you are pretty, too :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Haha, well he tried! I'm not sure what we're doing yet but it'll probably be low key.

Thanks for stopping by - love those Commes des Garcons shirts too!

idratherbeshopping said...

OMG, just discovered your blog and loving it! Your Vday story is so funny and I've totally lived a version of it before... Men -- what can ya do?!

Love your sassy pics and your sense of style...I have just started taking pics of myself and am not so creative (aka totally awkward)'re inspiring!!

off to read more of your lovely blog!

Leigh said...

adorable photos! your eyes look amazing, and i love your shoes! :)

Mary said...

Hello, I love your look, and I like your shoes oxford

Savannah said...

I'm in love with this look. I want a red & white striped shirt so bad!

Anita said...

cool look and you !!)