Saturday, February 12, 2011

7 Days of Valentine - Day 5

Living Foxy doesn't usually have a blog post on Saturdays so I've got this thing all to myself!

Anyways, Andy here. Day 5.  Just as I thought, it didn't take long before we were at H&M yesterday.  We were actually fighting rush-hour traffic to get IN to town so she could spend her gift card! She's so funny and adorable.

Today, I gave her a little something from VS. Turns out, I'm not too comfortable in there.  A feast of emotions from "I'm so embarrassed" to "Whoa, that's a really hot picture on the wall."  It worked out, though, and I came out wondering if I bought the gift for her or for me.

If Audrey wants to tell you what I bought, I'll let her.  It probably won't end up on one of her Outfit Dissections...


Jake, Camille, Kennedy & Jacob said...

Love this! Thanks for being totally honest! When I worked at Fredrick's of Hollywood over Valentine's Day I LOVED it when guys came in. They were so uncomfortable that they would pretty much just buy whatever you told them to, or whatever the picture on the wall of the hot girl was wearing! Keep up the good work!

nicolthepickle said...

Audrey, you have a wonderful man here. I'm sure you know it.