Monday, December 13, 2010


This morning around 4:00 a.m. something woke me up. It could've been anything because I'm a light sleeper. I fumbled for my phone and squinted at the time. I thought, Okay, I have 30 more minutes until my alarm goes off.  But, instead of going back to sleep, I started agonizing over the thought of having to wake up in thirty minutes. I looked at my phone again and thought, Great, it's only been 5 minutes. Okay I'm going to go back to sleep. Then the agonizing started again. So, I began thinking about what I would do if I could stay home and what excuse could I give my business partners. That thought was interrupted by another: Wait, why do I have to give an excuse? I know, I will tell them I'm sick!  It was like a tug of war in my sleepy mind. Then I could hear my grandmothers voice in the back of my head say "calling in sick is vacation for the poor." Finally, the irresponsible side of my brain waved the white flag to my responsible side and said, "Fine. I'm going to work."
I kicked my feet out of the covers and sat up as fast as I could hoping the jolt will create a surge of energy and it kind of worked. Next, I went to the bathroom sink and splashed cold water on my face, took a deep breath and, BAM! I'm awake!
This is actually a pretty typical morning for me. I don't think I'll ever be a morning person. This morning was probably a little harder than usual because I was in San Antonio and Austin for a wedding and my flight arrived late last night. It was a quick but fun trip so I'll share the highlights with you this week.
The above photo was taken in Austin. Andy and I were in downtown Austin and I told him to pull over so I could take a picture of the paintings on the wall (upper left and lower right photos) and we were lucky enough to have parked right in front of a cool trailer/hot dog stand (upper right and lower left). Downtown Austin reminded me a lot of downtown Phoenix: lots of cowboy and Hispanic influence. I can't wait to show you some of the places I visited. 
And speaking of hot dog stands, they have a new one in downtown Phoenix on Roosevelt and Central across the street from the old Circles record store and it's a must try...if you're a heated canine type of gal, of course. 


Sean and Lori said...

Awesome pics sounds like Texas treated you guys great! Love the story.