Friday, December 10, 2010


bag Nordstrom $88.00, earrings Nordstrom $32.00, boots Nordstrom $59.95, fur jacket Nordstrom $148.00, top Nordstrom $68.00, jeans Nordstrom $169.00

This winter, I can't get over all the fur, gold, sequins, list goes on and on. I use every excuse to get a new outfit. Back in my single days, I used to buy a new outfit with every paycheck. Wait, now that I think about it, it was more like every Friday. Now I'm a little more careful (thanks to a husband who doesn't understand that clothes fall onto the "needs" side on the "needs/wants spectrum"). To curtail my spending, I don't splurge on fads but spend my money on classic quality items: nice leather boots, jackets, black dress, jeans, leather handbags and wallets. I get the more trendy stuff on the cheap.

Family Christmas parties are always a good reason to get something new. Why, you ask? Okay, I can't come up with a good reason because, let's be honest, my extended family sees me once a year so anything I wear will be new to them. My immediate family will love me in my pink and gray striped socks, my boyfriend sweats and my jcrew t-shirt. Somewhere in my crazy brain, though, I justify the need for a new outfit. But I don't want to be the only crazy one so please join me in justifying the need for a new Family Christmas Party Outfit.  I've even done the leg work for you by creating a hot little number.  I'm so in love with that fur jacket that it actually showed up in my dream last night (it had its own arms and legs so that was a little weird). Oh, and the handbag? Can you believe it's one of Jessica Simpson's creations? BTW, just a side note I heard this morning that all of her brands combined bring in a billion dollars in revenue. That news almost made me want to not include that purse just so I wasn't donating to the Joe Simpson family foundation, but I couldn't resist because it's adorable.

So, do we have a deal? I'll go get a new Family Christmas Party outfit but you have to, too. Two wrongs don't make a right but 100s of wrongs just might.


Alisa said...

I got my new family Christmas party outfit yesterday. I went outside my fashion rules and bought a wide, cropped, leopard print sweater. Perfectly paired with skinny jeans. Accessories still a work in progress. Now onto a new year's eve outfit. You are in good company.

Andi said...

I'll join in. I'll even stick with most of your suggestions!

Megan Harris said...

No excuse needed! I will be getting a new top at least. Thanks for the inspiration. I looke forward to seeing pics of you in the new outfit you choose.

bbreck said...

I can't get over how much I love your blog and how sad that I just FounD it! I remember one family reunion, a long time ago, you came in. I can not remember what you wore, I just remember thinking, "Holy Cow! She looks AmaZiNg!!!" And you did and always do!