Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Love Congress...Congress Ave., That Is

After we left the hot dog stand (see yesterday's post), I was on the hunt for some thrift shops. I hit up a couple that had some cool vintage name brand pieces but I couldn't find anything that I loved in my size (one bad thing about being petite). All the while, my current husband Andy (JK;)) was waiting in the car because Little L was taking a much needed nap. Andy hates shopping and waiting in the car while I shop must even be worse so I had to run in and run out. When I ran out to the car, hoping I hadn't taken too long, to my surprise, Andy had been scanning Austin street style blogs looking for cool vintage stores to check out...isn't that awesome? He's so freakin cute. So, he found one that was amazing but I'll have to tell you about it tomorrow because, first, I want to talk about the food.
So we head to South Congress St. which is a very hip/granola/stylish area and I see the Stag sign (pictured above) and the pizza shop next to it (pictured upper right) and we stop to get a quick bite because, by now, Lauren's politely reminding us of how hungry she is.
We walk down the busy street, endowed in warm jackets and ask the cute little couple eating pizza (pictured top middle) about the pie and they tell us it's amazing and it's the best pizza in town. I was so excited. I had been in Austin for an hour and without even looking at my urbanspoon app, I find the best pizza in town...score! We walk in the pizza shop and order one cheese and one pepperoni slice and chow down. Okay, it's not the best pizza I've ever had, in fact, it was a lot like Sauce's pizza - good, but not "the best."  Luckily, everything's bigger in Texas, including the slices. Little L loves her some pizza so we all left happy (pictured upper left corner). Then we headed next door to Stag which was very cool.  It was like the guy's department at Urban but the clothes were of a higher quality.
So far, Austin's a blast.  To be continued...


The Bella Life said...

I've always wanted to go to Austin. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I love the pictures!


Living Foxy said...

Thanks Camberley! You would have loved all the vintage stores, lots of great stuff.