Friday, October 1, 2010


Imagine yourself sitting under one of those big trees reading Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice. You can hear the faint sound of someone playing the piano inside the house and you feel so relaxed that it's hard to keep your eyes focused on the book. You realize you just read 2 paragraphs without any recollection of what was written.  The cool breeze feels so good but you decide it's time to...

... get up and go inside the house.  Once inside you lose yourself in one of the most beautiful living rooms you've seen. Your eyes are drawn to the elegant fireplace and wonder if money could even buy such thing. And the paisley chairs coupled with the mustard velvet wing back - brilliant!  Should you stay here and continue reading your book? No! You have to see if the other rooms can keep pace with this one, so you're off...

...and you arrive here in the dining room where you pause to admire the imperfect perfection of unevenly laid bricks. The character it adds to this room is indescribable. You look up and spot the turquoise touches and, somehow, the bits of bright color actually make you feel happy!  This particular color makes the room feel new, cool and fresh.  The feeling imperceptibly changes when you're surprised that you didn't even see the huge Moroccan lamp. You're used to seeing them outside but are reconsidering that and a host of other ideas you have previously considered decor doctrine. Unsure whether it's a hunger for food or something else, you are compelled to move into the next room.

Fantastic! Another splash of color. The art contrasts the curtains nicely. You're not sure whether to laugh at or admire the painting but you are certain that your attention is being held hostage by it. It screams late 80's. You think about what you might have been doing while he posed for the portrait and wonder, "What is he looking at, anyway?"

(Pictures Traditional Home)


Ken Holladay said...

Sean sent me. this is a cool blog.