Sunday, September 4, 2011


Today, I'm having my family over for Sunday dinner and were celebrating one of my nieces birthday. I decided to get creative and put together a kids table, do some creative wrapping and decorate a little. Okay, I was a little bored. Sunday's are a perfect day for my creative mind to go to work. So, here is what I did. 

Kids Table
1. Laid down moving wrapping paper. You can get a large box of it at Office Max. 
2. Put colored pencils, crayons and playdo in tin pots. The pots were purchased at Ikea for $1.00 each.
3. Added some flowers to some old 7up bottles I have had. 

1. Hobby Lobby wrapping paper
2. Wrapped present in white ribbon
3. Added metallic gold cupcake wrapper and glued hot pink pom pom on top.

1. Martha Stewart Pom Pom's,  purchased from Michaels.
2. Martha Stewart Happy Birthday garland also purchased at Michaels.
3. Party hat purchased at Hobby Lobby.

I'm excited to enjoy the party. Happy Labor Day! 


Jennifer Babbitt said...

Super cute!!! Let me know when you have la baby!!