Friday, March 11, 2011


(Top photos from left to right: 1. Milk Teeths 2. Milk Teeths 3. People Magazine )
(Bottom photos from left to right 1. Sincerely Jules 2. Glamour 3. Yours Truly )

Today for Foxy Friday I have found some fashion inspiration for you. Um, do you see me amongst the mix? Okay, today my outfit isn't as inspiring as January Jones above, in her cute high waisted jeans and plaid shirt but, I haven't featured my lovely gray Joes jeans yet. These jeans are so comfy, cute and a spring must-have.
Have a Fab weekend ladies!


Kate said...

This is such a fun feature! Would love to know where the other photos come from, a list of links would be awesome with these posts! I spy sincerely jules in there - adore her!

Collections said...

love the people magazine pic. I'm a sucker for plaid.

Sick by Trend said...

lovely outfits!!! the second one is cool! im following

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arielle said...

oh, love all of these! especially the hunter green vest.
so lovely!

(a beautiful journey)