Monday, February 28, 2011


Left to Right- Nail primer, Superstar, Platinum Frost, Between the sheets, Fashion, It's Raining men
Red nail color above- I'ts raining men by Deborah Lippmann

Happy Monday everyone! Let's talk nails for a sec. I used to keep my nails bare but I realized that nails can be a nice and inexpensive accent to any outfit as demonstrated here. The only challenge is knowing what polish to use. I have been collecting Deborah Lippmann polish for the last year and I love it. The polish seems to last longer, you'll get a really nice matte finish and to even make it more enticing the red polish above is called "It's raining men". Okay, so that doesn't really happen, BUT I did get a compliment on my nail color at the gas station last week by a young gentleman. Nice! Any of you have any nail stories you want to share?


Megan Harris said...

Not really, except that Chad let me know that he loved my nails when we got married (gel fake nails) which means the uneven nonpainted nails must not be doing it for him. I used to have GREAT strong good shaped natural nails.... then I had kids. sad day. I should come over and let you paint my nails :)

Alisa said...

Don't paint your nails after you've had surgery and you're taking pain meds. You'll end up with more than just painted finger nails. More like painted fingers.

About Last Weekend said...

Great name for a nailpolish and great colour!

Lauren said...

I am such a huge fan of nail polish. I feel like it really finishes off my look. I used to always wear bare nails until about 4 years ago :) Cute blog, I'm following you!
Love, L.