Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sweater and Earrings-Thrifted, Jeans-Seven for all mankind, Watch-Last Chance

I've had my fingers resting on my keyboard while staring at the word "love" written on my small chalkboard and the words for this post aren't coming to my head. Instead, I hear only music. But it's coming from within. Sometimes my brain is like an iPod set on "random". Right now, my cerebral jukebox is playing Ewan McGregor's "Love is a many splendored thing, Love lifts us up where we belong, All you need is love!" Then another quarter is inserted and Bon Jovi's singing "I wanna lay you down in a bed of roses."

Okay, umm, ouch? I don't mean to get picky Mr. Bon Jovi but, let's talk about this for a sec. Can you imagine laying in a bed of roses?  Take it from Poison: every rose has its thorn. You would have to completely de-thorn them all, plus the bulbs would be rock hard, right? It just seems uncomfortable. A bed of rose PETALS, on the other hand? That's soft and romantic and sounds kind of comfy...just sayin'.

So, tonight my man bought me orchids! And did you see what he wrote? Super, super sweet. Let me use a sports reference so he'll understand: He's totally scoring some points.


Alisa said...

Love, love, love this post! Cute outfit and funny thoughts.

Debra said...

You did such a cute job with your thoughts about the rose petals vs bed of roses. What a girl! You look wonderful as always!

KC said...

Thanks for the follow! So bummed I missed the window for your giveaway :( You're blog is adorable!

Amy Sue said...

Love the outfit! You are so super adorable--I am coveting that sweater :)

Rachel said...

So cute!! I love your sweater!