Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The 7 Days of Valentine - Day 1

Andy, here.  To Audrey- Thanks so much for my cyber-present below.  I almost got a little emotional reading it.

To the Foxy Ladies- Yesterday I hijacked Living Foxy and the password is still the same today so I guess I'm allowed to do this from time to time. 

Like I mentioned, Valentine's Day has not been one of my strong-suits. I would even classify it as a weak-suit if there is such a thing.  It's not because I forget or that I'm not at all thoughtful.  I just don't like the pseudo-holiday.  What I'm learning in my super old age is that, when it comes to holidays, it's not all about me or what I want.  I even find myself not giving certain gifts because I don't think it's a good gift - even if it was specifically requested!  How selfish is that!

Another Andy-ism is that cards are stupid. B-day, V-day or any other Hallmark holiday, I've always thought of them as throw-away gifts that aren't worth the card stock they're printed on.  Well, it turns out, my wife thinks otherwise so today, Day 1, I'm giving my baby a Valentine's card.

Most of what I've written in it is personal but I'll share that I am formally asking her to be my Valentine. And that the card is a tiny token SHOWING that my love is more than words (Thanks Extreme).


Amy Sue said...

Nice work. I see redemption in your future!

Jake, Camille, Kennedy & Jacob said...

Way to go Andy! Did you send this link to Jake to show him what a great husband you are? haha! Cards are always good!

Barbie said...

Awww, cute! And I don't throw away my cards! I have them all in a box... birthdays, Christmas, V-day... lol They're precious!


Erna said...

I keep all of the cards Chris gave to me - before he stopped giving them to me a few years ago. :) You are on a roll and now that you are sharing it with the world you will never be aloud to slack off again! :)