Thursday, December 30, 2010


1. Find a stylish party dress and put it on.
2. Find some diamonds, pearls, cubic zirconias...anything, and add it to your outfit.
3. Paint your nails with glitter polish.
4. Put on some red lipstick.
5. Find a fabulous pair of shoes.
6. Go have a good time.

1. Don’t sit by your phone all night waiting for someone to call because that's pathetic.
2. Invite some friends over.
3. Break out the snacks and I mean the good ones.
4. Find a good game to play or break out some youtube videos and keep one-upping eachother...that can take hours and is so much fun.
5. Have some music or the T.V. going in the background.
6. Bang some pots together at midnight or light some fireworks!

1. Ask some locals about parties or places to go
2. Go buy some snacks and apple cider or wine and have it at the hotel or wherever you're staying, so that you have something for later
3. Charge your camera battery
4. Dress appropriately for the weather, you never know where you may end up by midnight (trust me)
5. Try some of the local New Years Eve traditions or introduce one of yours to some locals
6. Make the night memorable! I mean get crazy!