Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Today I'm featuring one of my favorite fashion moguls, Tory Burch. Tory has had one success after another. It all started with tunics. Tory grew up in Philadelphia but her family spent their summers in Europe (rough life) and would stop by Morocco on their way home to buy tunics.  She has now made them her signature.
Tory has also mentioned her Father and Mother being her fashion influences. “I always watched my mother, Reva, get dressed at night, and just look incredibly stylish. And my father had his own innate sense of style. He used to design every piece of his clothing and have incredible details, like lining his dinner jackets with Hermes scarves and piping them and all of his shirts with initials. He was one of my biggest, biggest inspirations,” Burch said in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily. Funny, how many can name their parents as fashion influences - especially their dads!
In 2005 Tory sent a tunic to Oprah Winfrey. Shortly thereafter her producers contacted Tory and asked that she appear on the show. We all know what happens when you're featured on Oprah...her line skyrocketed. So, it has only been 6 years since she really hit the scene and I can't imagine it without her.  That's good because with $200 million in annual sales, I doubt her line will disappear anytime soon.