Sunday, December 19, 2010


When my husband saw this, he said, "This is the coolest wrapping job I have ever seen!"  When a GUY comments on a wrapping job, you know you've got something special.

Supplies needed: scissors, thread, needle, ribbons, ornament, knit stocking
Time needed: 15 minutes

1. I found an old stocking I had bought at Target but you can find knitted stockings at Walmart, Michaels, Kohls, Big lots etc... I forgot to take a picture before I cut it.
2. Cut the foot off the stocking and throw it out or put it on your head and make a weird face,  or keep it for the never know when you need the foot of a stocking.
3. After you cut, you should stuff your gift in the stocking portion see photo #3. I used an old verizon phone box (hopefully Andy wasn't using that for something) but you can size it up, if the box is smaller cut more off the bottom of the sock.
4. Make sure you have thread and a needle. I matched the thread but you could use white, or off white or green...whatever.
5. Wrap the material like you would wrap any present and secure the corners with thread. 
6. There are several ways to wrap a present, but I chose the method shown in photo 6.
7. Grab some ribbon and a small ornament. You can get creative with this part. You can use small ribbons, large ribbons, you can mix and match, you can use twine, let your imagination run wild. The more you use the better. Wrap the ribbons around the present. I wrapped one set of ribbons horizontal and then another set vertically then knotted them together. 
8. Secure the ornament and you're finished. 
9. Show it off!  You'll likely hear "This is the coolest wrapping job I have ever seen!"

P.S. I was realizing while securing the corners that the only way to get the present out is cutting the corners.


Megan Harris said...

Very creative and festive! Is it for me? :) I love how you come up with this stuff!!

Sean and Lori said...

I agree with your husband awesome wrapping job!

Alisa said...

I feel honored my gift was a livingfoxy feature! I didn't open it right away because I was sad to mess up your beautiful job. I loved it. Thank you, thank you!!!

The Bella Life said...

What a brilliant idea! I will definitely be trying this little DIY project.