Friday, November 12, 2010


Imagine a European style city built on enormous hills that cascade into a big beautiful bay. Now, imagine it's a magical land where you can keep your summer AND winter wardrobes out all year long. As you walk down the street you notice that almost everybody you pass is an independent thinker and dresses the part.  Now, plop that city down in California of all places. If you haven't been to San Francisco yet, go soon. When you take in the progressive style and the feel of the city, you'll forget you're in the U.S., let alone on the West Coast.  A short walk will take you from the Italian Quarter to China Town and then to the Financial District.  I can see why Tony Bennett wrote "I left my heart in San Francisco".
The women have a bohemian charm that transmits independence. The mixing of prints and colors provides an eclectic splendor, one I can't quite describe.


Alisa said...

I love these looks! So cute. I love the red tights. Ps, Lights by Journey is also about beautiful San Francisco. :)

Whitney Warner said...

Hey thanks for your comment! Youre blog is fab, and I will be sure to check in time to time!