Saturday, October 9, 2010


To me, there's nothing freakier on Halloween than being in a dark room with a personage that may or may not be alive.  If it looks real but it's dead, that's just plain spooky.  And if it is indeed alive, you never know if or when it will jump out at you!  So, dead OR alive, it's scary.

I guess "'Til death do us part" doesn't apply here. This nasty nuptial couple was made by renowned local artist, Leslie Golden.  Normally she paints on canvass, rocks, walls and ceilings but I approached her about helping me with a Halloween party and she put her artistic talent and attention to detail to work in making these spooky people.  You should see them in a dark room, lighted only by a strobe!

I asked how she would even know how to start such a strange project and she said that as a young mother she would make a scarecrow every Halloween. That experience made it easier to create a room full of freaky folks. 

After the Bride and Groom, Leslie decided to make a Werewolf. Doesn't he look spooktacular?  Leslie has an incredible eye and her creatures are truly creepy.

Leslie Golden has been an Artist for 36 years. She discovered she had a real talent as a young child and decided in adulthood that she could monetize it. Her first commissioned painting was for a Pastor who wanted a wall painted in his chapel and since then she has painted walls in hospitals, homes and businesses along with her portfolio of canvas works.


Debra said...

Absolutely fun and charming. I'm so glad you featured your local artist as well. An amazing job!!

MagicSprinkles said...

Okay.....those are SERIOUSLY freaky and scary and ewwwww...its the orange in the eyes that really freak me out! I think you should put them at your front door on Halloween....!!!