Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Though they may be small, accessories make a HUGE difference when decorating spaces. The most important factor when selecting accessories: Make sure you love them. Avoid buying something just because it matches. Also, I like accessories that not only look good but serve a purpose, too. All of the above accessories have some sort of function. But what if they don't match your space or what if you hate the color?  I have been watching Antonio Balatore on HGTV and he has taken a ceramic piece and sprayed it hot pink in almost every room he has designed, leaving it as his signature. I, personally, love spray paint! I currently have a bottle of robin egg blue paint from Michael's that I use on everything. When making your purchase, remember to love the item and use a little spray paint if you have to. Taking chances is what makes design exciting.


Debra said...

Hey thanks for the encouragement. It is always a bit frightening to try new things and it is comforting to know that " loving something" is actually the best key for getting it, and making it part of your decor. I'm going to keep trying to be brave and do my own thing. Hopefully with a flair.